Rick Dixon

Your Music Done Your Way!

  Founder and Executive Producer Rick Dixon has been a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist in Nashville since 1995.   Rick has worked with top songwriters and producers on Music Row and is featured
​in Tom Volinchak's book "Make Money With Your Studio".

   He has worked with artists such as Mark Collie, Blake Shelton, The Little River Band, Kostas, Richard Addrissi ("Never My Love"), Magic Mustang Publishing, and Broken Bow Records, and produced demos and albums for countless other Nashville singers and songwriters.

11:11 Productions


With today's ProTools and hard disc based recording, you have unprecedented flexibility in song production; allowing you to move back and forth between your home studio, our Music Row location, and the biggest rooms in Nashville. 

We're not going to try to sell you on what's best for us - we're here to help you make the most of today's recording revolution - to get what's best for you -- to help you to find the best price point and approach for your music and your budget. 

"When I came to Nashville many years ago, I wanted my music to come to life.  I wanted the finished product to sound and feel 'like me'.  And that's what we do here at 11:11 Productions.  We take your music and make it the best "you" it can be!"  

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