• Christmas Wish5:07

Oh my daughter dear, how I miss you so
It's been another year, without you here
and I feel so alone
sometimes I hear your voice,
calling to me to say,
"Oh,  mommas don’t cry for angels
no, Love doesn't work that way"

        My only Christmas wish,
        is to hold you in my arms
        To see your gentle face,
​        and feel your tender love

        While you say, "momma,
        oh momma,  how I love you"
        My only Christmas wish
        Is just one more day with you

The whole family's here,
but the fire still leaves me cold,
It's been a long, hard year,

without you here,
and I feel so alone 
But I know Love, Love never fades away
I'll search for you in the stars
and someday, I'll hear you say

repeat chorus


On this Christmas Eve,
Lord, can't you hear my cry
Jesus please bring me peace,
please on this Holy night...

        My only Christmas wish, Lord,
        is hold me in Your arms
        That I might see Your face,
        and feel Your tender Love
        While You say, mommas,
        and daddys, how I love you 
        My only Christmas wish 
        Is just one more day with you
        I'd still go to that Cross
        For just one more day with you . . .